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no repay loan or grant

comfort678 started this conversation
I really need help with getting a no repay loan or grant to help children get off the streets and into some activity keep their minds on someting positive
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there isnt any no repay loans that i have found i have been searching the web every time i had one you had to pay in get information about it i think it stinks that theres no help some people are really down and out and some people take advantage of it saying they are needing help why ask for help cause we need it , if we had to pay for information we wouldnt need the money its a scam so the rich get richer and the poor stay poorer IS THERE REALLY ANY FREE HELP
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The birds nest
I am not sure on how you would go about this. My comment here is that I think that it's great what your intentions are. I have helped kids in Mexico I did't have a ny help from anyone It was just from my own little savings. I can't do it anymore because I myself need the help. But I still am glad that others can do it and are willing to do it.
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